Vanessa Michel Abrini

I am a MIAMI “Hot Power Yoga” certified teacher. I have completed my training under the tutorship of one of the nation’s top Yoga Teacher Training instructors widely known for his system of healing with Yoga.

After my graduation in Miami in 2013 I became a member of the yoga Alliance, have been teaching ever since.

I have been blessed with the grace of traveling & meeting many great teachers and attending various workshops.

End of 2013 , I left the states and I moved from my favorite city in the world to Lebanon for the purpose of teaching yoga.

I offer challenging classes in my Hazmieh a Studio that are mixture of various yoga methods (Ashtanga Remixed , Power yoga BKS Yengar & Hatha Yoga )

Opening Hours


9:00 AM till 10:30 AM | 6:30 PM till 7:45 PM | 8:30 PM till 9:45 PM


7:00 PM till 8:15 AM


6:30 PM till 7:45 PM | 8:30 PM till 9:45 PM


7:00 PM till 8:15 PM


9:00 AM till 10:20 AM | 7:30 PM till 8:45 PM





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