Bou Malhab jewelry is based in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded in 1995 by Pierre Bou Malhab.
Our family has been successfully active in the diamond industry for more than three consecutive generations.


Our philosophy is to develop a long-term relationship with each and every of our customers, based on mutual trust and excellent service. We are flexible, discrete, and strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.


Our mission is to keep introducing the newest trends in the fine 18K Italian gold.

We also manufacture our own unique jewelry with the best selection of Diamonds, Natural Pearls and Colored Stones. Clients will find gifts for all occasions to suit all budgets.


Besides jewelry, we strictly emphasize on supplying Diamonds of all quality, size and shape, in both white and fancy colors, all GIA and HRD certified. On top of being wholesalers to the jewelry world, we act as buying agents and consultants in order to cater to our customer’s needs, as we are profoundly committed to the diamond’s 4Cs.


We have international and diversified connections with exclusive jewelry stores, diamond wholesalers, diamond traders and private clients. However, our most important networks remain in the prestigious Diamond Exchange Bourse in Antwerp Belgium, as well as the renowned, diamond trading hub of New York and Mumbai where we have access to almost any type of gemstone.

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